The Belltower Blues Explosion

The Belltower Blues Explosion (with frontman Chris Bell) plays American roots music, where jazz, soul and R&B all come together. “It’s all blues,” says Chris when commenting on his music or his biggest influences. From Lou Rawls to Dr. John, Grant Green and B.B. King, from Ray Charles to the Funk Brothers. They are all masters of innovation as much as they are a part of the classic blues tradition. The Belltower Blues Explosion is part of that tradition and they approach performance like a storyteller, building on a style that’s been around a while.


I’m really proud of this recording and the guys on the record played their behinds off! Extra special thanks to Nico Leophonte at Alnico Studios for creating a great environment. It was a total pleasure to work with Nico!

4/15 Here is a nice review of my EP The Belltower Blues Explosion from one of Austin’s most well respected blues guitarists. Thanks Van!

Very Cool, Lowdown Retro Vibe with smart and tasty licks that “say something”! You have a good ear for picking tunes and players. Nice understated intensity! Van Wilks- Guitarist/ Singer and winner of the Austin Chronicle’s Best Electric Guitarist of 2009